Why go to a coffee shop when you can have the same experience from the comfort of your own desk? Our vending machines make great tasting tea, coffee and hot chocolate, and use only the highest quality ingredients. These drinks machines are the perfect addition to any meeting room or office canteen.

Delicious tea on tap, with the nation’s favourite blends

A variety of coffee shop-style beverages, delivered piping hot and delicious!

Tasty hot chocolate from leading brands, perfect for chilly office mornings

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Offer hot and cold food to your staff without the cost of a fully stocked canteen, through Anglo’s efficient and cost-effective vending machines. Cold food, including yoghurts, salads and fresh fruit, are available instantly and kept refreshingly chilled. Hot food can be ready in seconds, guarantees no wastage, and offers a 90% saving over staffing a conventional hot food canteen.

Have hot food available for staff 24/7, without the cost of stocking a kitchen

Don’t keep hungry staff waiting: food available in an instant, the cost-effective way

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Access confectionery and chocolate from leading household name brands, or delicious healthy alternatives for those seeking a nutritious option, instantly through cutting-edge vending technology. It’s incredibly simple to maintain stock levels too – we can manage the entire process on your behalf.

Sweet treats from world-leading brands to instantly satisfy mid-afternoon cravings!

Leading chocolate brands available in an instant

Offering a variety of healthy snacks in your vending machine is a great way to support positive employee lifestyle choices

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Anglo provides first class chilled water dispensers, including mains fed and bottled water, to keep your staff happy and hydrated. Free up staff time by providing access to an instant supply of hot water via our ZIP taps. No more waiting for the office kettle to boil! Help prevent scalding and the damage to work surfaces that can occur when using a kettle. We offer incredible value for money and flexible contracts across all of our dispensers, so you’ll always have the water service that best suits your needs.

Chilled water on tap, either mains fed or from bottles, whenever your staff need it

Hot water taps provide instant access without waiting for a kettle to boil!

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Anglo’s vending machines blend cutting-edge technology with sustainability and energy efficiency, for a solution that delivers great food at the best value for money. Our machines can provide hot & cold food, coffee shop-style drinks, snacks & confectionery and chilled or hot water. We’ll manage the installation, the upkeep and the stock on your behalf, as part of our dedication to a completely hassle-free service.

Anglo ensures your vending solution is as sustainable and energy efficient as possible

Vending solutions can be up to 90% cheaper than running a staff canteen

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