Facilities Management

Anglo provides a range of cost-effective janitorial supplies from leading brands to help you ensure the cleanliness of your workplace. For a regular solution, our contract and commercial cleaning encompasses a whole host of services, from daily cleaning through to carpet cleaning and laundry. Anglo’s experienced and friendly staff work with zero disruption to your business, either during or outside of working hours depending upon your preference, to provide consistently exceptional standards of cleanliness.

A range of quality janitorial products to make workplace cleaning simple

Our expert cleaning service achieves the highest hygiene standards

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Securely destroy your sensitive documents with our exceptional shredding service, accredited in its reliability to offer complete peace of mind. Buy by the bag to literally ‘pay as you go’ for the most cost-effective solution. To support your business’ positive environmental impact, Anglo enables you to recycle your packaging, shredded documents and other waste. Our waste collection services are a quick and efficient way to dispose, and we’ll always choose eco-friendly options over landfill wherever possible.

Recycle your packaging, shredded documents and other waste to promote your ecological impact

Secure shredding can be bought by the bag and recycled for the ultimate peace of mind

Anglo collects waste and recycles, over sending to landfill, wherever possible as part of our environmental core values

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Heath & safety legislation is a minefield, and it can be difficult to know if you’re meeting with current requirements. Anglo’s experts will audit your current situation, across health & safety or fire safety, make practical recommendations and implement solutions to ensure you never meet with hefty fines. It’s the most convenient and cost effective way to achieve complete peace of mind for the safety of your business.

Ensure you meet all health & safety regulations and receive recommendations from qualified experts

Anglo helps you to meet all fire safety legislation and offers best practice advice

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Anglo provides the solution to making your telephone, broadband and mobile communications faster, better and more efficient. We offer an independent alternative to other providers, helping our clients to cut their bills whilst maintaining cutting-edge communications technology. We also offer 24/7 telecoms support and comprehensive IT support to help minimise downtime and ensure seamless continuity. Switching providers couldn’t be simpler, but it could make a huge difference to your costs.

Save vast amounts of money with practical telecom and broadband solutions

Our IT experts can offer ongoing support to minimise downtime

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First impressions count, and high quality plants inside and outside of your building make a bold statement. Anglo rent interior and exterior plants, trees and flowers without hassle: you choose the plants, we deliver them and regularly care for them. Renting plants is the perfect way to reap the rewards of nature without the hassle, and you’ll even be entitled to our creative skills and green fingers as part of your agreement. For those seeking a completely zero hassle option, we offer convincing synthetic plants and flowers as a cost-effective alternative.

The presence of plants enhances employee wellbeing, and even increases creativity by 15%!

Plants beautify and enhance working spaces the natural way, suiting all decorative styles

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Anglo provides exceptional quality entrance mats & matting for your office, providing protection for your people through anti-slip and anti-fatigue properties. Our regular cleaning services prevent build-up of dirt, meaning your mats will always work to protect your floors, reduce slips, trips and falls and lessen your cleaning costs.

70% of dirt in your office comes in on the soles of shoes; an appropriate mat captures this dirt and leaves your entrance sparkling

If your current flooring is proving a hazard, but you cannot afford for it to be replaced, mats are a great solution to preventing falls

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A positive first impression can help you to stand out from your competitors and boost your professionalism. Anglo offers a range of bespoke reception, switchboard, meeting room management and corporate concierge services to ensure your guests leave glowing reviews. Whether you’re looking for a professional 5-star approach or something more informal and personal, we’re passionate about making your business look as good as it deserves to.

Access exceptional staff when you need them: an alternative to hiring multiple full-time employees

Our industry-leading service guarantees that, whenever guests enter your building, your business will stand out for all the right reasons

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Anglo’s air conditioning inspections, carried out by accredited experts, help you to avoid large fines by ensuring you abide by legislation. We’ll also make practical recommendations that will help you to reduce running costs and save money; reduce emissions and help the environment; and become more efficient. Our team can also ascertain whether your system is ideal or oversized for purpose, potentially helping you to make even greater savings.

Our experts can make real recommendations that will help you to save money when running your air conditioning

Air conditioning units release harmful carbon emissions, which our recommendations will help to reduce

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Anglo can supply your office with national, provincial and international newspaper and magazine deliveries, labelled effectively to save your team’s admin time. You’ll receive your delivery, personalised to your specifications, up to 4 times a day. Not only is this the most convenient option for your business, Anglo’s buying power also makes it the most cost-effective.

Regular deliveries of your bespoke selection ensures you’ll never miss vital news

Anglo’s vast buying power makes our deliveries the most cost-effective on the market

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Anglo offers an extensive range of building maintenance services to keep your office ticking. Your services are tailored to match your specific needs, and ensure that your safety is covered 24/7, 365 days a year. Our mechanical, electrical, interior and refurbishment management services are undertaken by qualified experts, giving you complete peace of mind. Plus, this intelligent and consolidated approach to your building maintenance can genuinely save you money! Anglo also offers a cost-effective solution to your ongoing office utilities, and can offer practical advice to help you reduce your bills.

The cost-effective solution to ongoing utilities

Building maintenance to keep your workplace safe and secure in the face of modern challenges

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Anglo’s experts provide bespoke, cutting-edge security solutions to business of all sizes across all major industries. We have the extensive knowledge and experience to tailor security specifically to you, from access control through to biometrics and CCTV. Our qualified consultants are renowned for their honesty: if you need a padlock and a big dog, and not a costly solution, we’ll tell you! Plus, our ongoing 24/7 support means your business will never be left without complete peace of mind.

Not only is our support available every minute of the day, but we’ll also never leave a site without ensuring it is 100% secure

We guarantee never to oversell security solutions, and to save you money wherever possible

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