Employee Welfare

Research shows that mindfulness decreases the brain cell volume responsible for fear, anxiety and stress. Mindfulness training will significantly boost the productivity of your staff by teaching them how to relax and focus. The workplace too has a huge impact on employee health and wellbeing, and positive changes can improve productivity by up to 20%. Our wellbeing service audits 6 key sensory areas: air & heat, light, noise, layout, nature and colour, and reimagines your physical space to see dramatic employee results.

Transform your workspace into a positive working environment and see genuine improvement to morale and productivity

The UK is catching up to the USA in understanding the importance of wellbeing; let your business be among the first to pioneer employee health

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Our accredited experts will help you to protect your business’ financial future with a range of appropriate cover options. Without them, your organisation could be at real risk. If you’re unsure of the level or type of cover you require, we’ll help you to ascertain exactly what you need without commitment.

Our expert advisors will offer comprehensive advice to help you access the cover you need

Ensure the security of your business with comprehensive cover options

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Heath & safety legislation is a minefield, and it can be difficult to know if you’re meeting with current requirements. Anglo’s experts will audit your current situation, across health & safety or fire safety, make practical recommendations and implement solutions to ensure you never meet with hefty fines. It’s the most convenient and cost effective way to achieve complete peace of mind for the safety of your business. Anglo can also support your business with health insurance, helping your employees to feel valued and covered in any event.

Ensure you meet all health & safety regulations and receive recommendations from qualified experts

Anglo helps you to meet all fire safety legislation and offers best practice advice

Protect employees with comprehensive health insurance

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Anglo’s air conditioning inspections, carried out by accredited experts, help you to avoid large fines by ensuring you abide by legislation. We’ll also make practical recommendations that will help you to reduce running costs and save money; reduce emissions and help the environment; and become more efficient. Our team can also ascertain whether your system is ideal or oversized for purpose, potentially helping you to make even greater savings.

Our experts can make real recommendations that will help you to save money when running your air conditioning

Air conditioning units release harmful carbon emissions, which our recommendations will help to reduce

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First impressions count, and high quality plants inside and outside of your building make a bold statement. Anglo rent interior and exterior plants, trees and flowers without hassle: you choose the plants, we deliver them and regularly care for them. Renting plants is the perfect way to reap the rewards of nature without the hassle, and you’ll even be entitled to our creative skills and green fingers as part of your agreement. For those seeking a completely zero hassle option, we offer convincing synthetic plants and flowers as a cost-effective alternative.

The presence of plants enhances employee wellbeing, and even increases creativity by 15%!

Plants beautify and enhance working spaces the natural way, suiting all decorative styles

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Your workplace environment is key to keeping staff happy and healthy. Anglo’s interior solution offers not just a broad range of practical, durable and stylish furniture, but also full refurbishment and space planning. We’ll offer unparalleled advice on how best to accommodate more staff without sacrificing design or safety, and produce 2D or 3D renderings so that you can watch your office come to life without commitment.

Making alterations to your workplace is proven to boost productivity and morale

From initial concept through to installation, we’ll help you to realise the vision for your office

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Fresh fruit boosts employee productivity by up to 20%, and 80% of staff feel it improves their workplace quality of life. Anglo delivers boxes of locally sourced, seasonal fruits, from the market directly to your building. Bespoke your boxes with team favourites, or choose from other nutritional snacks including dried fruits, nuts and juices. Banish the mid-afternoon energy slump for good, and support healthier workplace lifestyle choices.

Mouth-watering fresh fruit delivered directly to your office

Healthy snacks, including a variety of nuts, available with complete convenience

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Anglo provides exceptional quality entrance mats & matting for your office, providing protection for your people through anti-slip and anti-fatigue properties. Our regular cleaning services prevent build-up of dirt, meaning your mats will always work to protect your floors, reduce slips, trips and falls and lessen your cleaning costs.

70% of dirt in your office comes in on the soles of shoes; an appropriate mat captures this dirt and leaves your entrance sparkling

If your current flooring is proving a hazard, but you cannot afford for it to be replaced, mats are a great solution to preventing falls

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