Archiving & Storage

Anglo offers a complete end-to-end shredding solution, with certified security at every stage. You can rest assured that your documents are being safely destroyed in conjunction with all data protection law. We provide both on and off-site shredding to keep you in control of your documentation. For the most cost-effective solution, shredding can now be bought by the bag for a true ‘pay as you go’ service, and is then recycled.

You’ll receive a certificate of secure destruction, which is guaranteed at every stage

This truly ‘pay as you go’ solution means you’ll never pay for a service you don’t use

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Anglo makes it easy to move and securely store your business records off-site. Whether you need physical or digital storage, including cloud-based storage and data tapes, you can be certain your documents are kept securely awaiting your retrieval. Next-day, half-day and emergency document retrieval services are available, and we can scan your paper records and send them back in electronic format. When you need some or all of your records back, it’s quick, simple and online.

Remove the hassle of storing documents with a cost-effective, secure and practical solution

Keep your media secure and backed-up in our data tape vaults

Store your information centrally in the cloud, available for retrieval anywhere, any time

We’ll scan paper documents to ensure the availability of their instant digital retrieval

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