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Certified to the highest environmental standards

ISO 14001 Environmental Management

We place environmental management at the heart of our operations to achieve sustainable success. Our accreditation to this international standard helps us reduce your environmental impact.

CarbonNeutral® Certified

Anglo Office has achieved CarbonNeutral® certification. By measuring our carbon emissions using an independent assessor, we reduce our carbon emissions through a high quality carbon offset plan, investing in renewable energy and forest conservation.

Conservation of Energy

We use innovative technology to reduce energy consumption. For example, the lighting technology in our warehouses and offices typically reduces electricity consumption by 84%.

Sustainable services for a greener London

Waste Management & Recycled Packaging

Our waste management programme ensures that waste to landfill is almost eliminated. Our packaging reuse system enables us to almost completely avoid buying new packaging, and every consignment is packed using as much recycled material as possible. We also promote the use of electronic trading with our customers, with 75% of all customer orders being received electronically.

Sustainable Logistics

Operating with zero emission delivery vehicles that run on 100% renewable electricity, Anglo is helping to make London a greener, cleaner, safer and quieter place to be. Our ambition is simple – cleaner air for us, our children and the generations to come.

Environmental audit:

Working with market-leading environmental supply chain experts, Anglo’s Environmental Impact Audit (EIA) evaluates:

  • Supply chain emissions audit – assess the emissions generated through your current supply chain
  • Accreditations assessment – determine the accreditation level of your current supply chain
  • Product purchases – determine volumes of recycled, part-recycled and non-recycled purchases
  • Waste management & recycling – determine current processes

Our objective is to:

  • Determine your current environmental impact
  • Discover ways to reduce your current negative impact utilising your current supply chain
  • Explore alternate supply options and procedures that would deliver improvement along with any commercial / expenditure impact (negative or positive)
  • Implement a plan for delivery

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Zero Emissions


Supplier Management Excellence (SUPPEX)