15 June 2017
Gary Naphtali

Leading London business supplies provider Anglo has recently announced its support of the first ever National Clean Air Day. The event on 15th June, which strives to encourage people to reduce the amount of air pollution they create, is particularly close to home for Anglo who work to reduce emissions through a pioneering electric vehicle delivery fleet.

National Clean Air Day goes beyond improving air quality for the day – it aims to increase national awareness of our impact on the environment, and highlight how easy it is to reduce this impact.

It’s a mission that Anglo, and European zero emissions logistics partner Gnewt Cargo, believe must be core to any London business. By promoting the use of zero emission vehicles, Anglo reduces toxic carbon emissions and air pollution, positively impacts noise pollution and even reduces congestion through consolidation of deliveries.

“National Clean Air Day is a fantastic opportunity for people to realise how simple it is to reduce their carbon footprint,” said Russell Hodson, CSR Director of Anglo. “Because London exceeded its annual air pollution quota in just 5 days this year, this has never been more important. A few simple changes to the way we work can make a massive difference to our health and our environment.”

Anglo has already rolled out their zero emission delivery fleet into the West End, and has seen phenomenal uptake from conscientious businesses. The Anglo team have planned a day of impactful and informative activity in the West End on the 15th June, aiming to raise further awareness of the devastating effects of air pollution and how each person is responsible for reducing it.

“I sincerely hope other businesses adopt the values of National Clean Air Day and see the undeniable benefits of choosing the environmentally-friendly alternative,” Hodson added. “If every organisation accepts their responsibility for reducing emissions, we’ll make London a cleaner and healthier place to live and work.”

Take part in National Clean Air Day by pledging alternative action: leave the car at home; switch engines off instead of idling; walking the children to school or by sharing tips to cut air pollution with others. As a whole, organisations can make an impact through utilising Anglo’s emission-free deliveries, reducing waste to landfill through recycling, and purchasing recycled office supplies. Make positive changes that will impact our cities, our health – and our future.

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