We’ve seen the light! Our switch to LED cuts emissions by 61%
30 April 2019
Russell Hodson

As the capital’s largest supplier of business products and services, we take our environmental responsibilities seriously. Doing the right thing is in the Anglo DNA, so we’re delighted to announce our latest initiative – a switch to LED lighting that reduces emissions by a seriously significant 61%.

The achievement is the result of our decision to partner with Rydal Utilities, a fantastic operation with a real commitment to responsible energy consumption. They’ve developed a range of innovative solutions designed to cut energy bills and environmental impact, making them the perfect partner for Anglo.

Rydal’s specialist areas include business energy, solar energy, electric vehicle charging and, of course, LED lighting – which offers incredible benefits over traditional fluorescent and incandescent lights. In fluorescent lights, 95% of energy is converted into wasted heat, but only 5% into light. LED reverses those percentages, so it’s the 95% bit that becomes light. A typical 84-watt fluorescent light can be happily swapped for a 36-watt LED to get the same light. And that means less energy, reduced demand at power plants and fewer damaging gas emissions.

We’ve upgraded all our lighting to LED across the business to hit that 61% reduction. Everything’s been installed up-front and we’ll be paying monthly over five years. It’s a case of reducing our impact on the planet and saving money right from the start. Doubly satisfying…

We’re delighted – yet inspired to find ways to do even more. If you feel the same way, talk to us about how Anglo can help you save money while reducing your environmental impact with our total managed supplies and services.