Saving expenditure and the environment with glass bottles
11 December 2018
Russ Hodson

We are always encouraged by forward thinking companies – particularly when it comes to environmental issues. Let’s face it, we hear every day how we’re impacting negatively on the planet.

That’s why, when a market-leading media company got in touch with us to switch their milk deliveries to glass bottles rather than the plastic bottles they were used to, we were suitably impressed.

The change represented an increase in their sustainability spend with Anglo of 20%. However, they were adamant on making a positive impact environmentally.

And what an impact they made!

In fact, a whopping 2,945 plastic milk containers have been saved from going to waste since they switched their milk from plastic to sustainable, reusable glass bottles over the first 3 months.

That equates to a phenomenal 12,000 plastic containers not hitting landfill each year!

Not only did the move to glass bottles benefit the environment; but the company are also saving money through less milk wastage from using the smaller 1 pint glass bottles, as opposed to the previous 2.4 litre plastic ones.

It’s just another example of how choosing sustainable options, despite being initially more expensive, can deliver financial savings as well as environmental ones.

Let’s talk about how you can save money while reducing your environmental impact.