Plastic’s had it’s day – Join our Milk Monitor Glass Class
1 July 2019
Russell Hodson

Switch to glass milk bottle deliveries in london!

Blue Planet II on TV highlighted a terrible problem that has been shocking many of us for a long time. Eight million pieces of plastic waste enter our oceans every day – and it is time humanity did something about it. The team here at Anglo is passionate about doing the right thing for our planet before it’s too late. That’s why we’re delighted to have partnered with Ongar Dairy to launch our Glass Class and Milk Monitor initiatives.

We’re encouraging our clients to join the Glass Class by switching from plastic containers to glass milk bottle deliveries in London courtesy of Ongar Dairy. And to keep an eye on progress, we’ve launched our dedicated Milk Monitor website to track the journey. Our target is to provide 250,000 glass bottles to our wonderfully responsible and growing family of clients. Because they are so fantastically reusable, that number of glass bottles equates to an incredible SIX MILLION single-use 1L plastic containers.

5 reasons to switch to milk bottle deliveries in London

That’s six million fewer bits of plastic ending up in landfill or contaminating our seas. And that will make a huge contribution as the anti-single-use plastic movement swells globally. Talk to us if you’d like to ditch plastic and join the Glass Class with Ongar Dairy milk deliveries. David Attenborough will be proud of you!