25 April 2017
Gary Naphtali

100% from one source. 100% emission free. 100% approved

Working to improve air quality in London and enhance visitor experience through reduced visibility of servicing & delivery vehicles. The New West End Company has partnered with Anglo Office Group Ltd – a leading independent supplier of over 40 business product and service areas, transforming London organisations through a truly ‘single source’ solution.

West End businesses can now utilise Anglo’s 100% zero emission delivery service to instantly align with the West End’s aspirations for a cleaner, greener London.

A smarter partnership

The New West End Company is investing heavily in improving the shopping experience and air quality in the West End, and has selected Anglo as a preferred supplier due to its zero emission delivery fleet and ability to implement a fully managed system that structures deliveries to your area.

Anglo and the New West End Company share a vision: to offer no or low-cost changes that reduce congestion and emissions whilst saving you time and money. Anglo have the fleet, the broad range of services and the consolidated supply chain to make this immediately possible.

“We selected Anglo as a preferred supplier simply because they can provide zero emission deliveries, of over 36 products and services, quickly and easily to the West End. That directly translates into huge benefits for local businesses, and even bigger benefits for air quality and consumer experience in London as a whole. Anglo truly understand how to provide cost and time savings with a strong ecological message – something incredibly important to us at the New West End Company. This opportunity is not one to be missed.”

– Steven Medway, MD Trading Environment, New West End Company

Why Anglo?

  • More choice: We offer the widest range of products and services from one provider – 40+ areas including Managed Print, Building Maintenance, Office Essentials, Catering and Interiors.
  • Less cost: Reduction in product consumption using our proven managed systems, and reduction in expenditure through consolidation. Don’t deal with 36 suppliers: deal with just one.
  • Save time: Elimination of unnecessary processes and associated administration through a consolidated supply chain.
  • Go green: Total zero emission logistics that benefit the entire city, and the widest range of recycled & ‘closed loop’ products available.
  • Be sustainable: Our supply chain sustainability assessment, evaluation process and certification assures you of your supply chain’s eco credentials.