Anglo Launches Delivery Emissions Calculator
31 January 2018
Russ Hodson

What's Your Environmental Impact?

Pollution is a serious problem in the city. It not only affects the state of the environment, but the lives and wellbeing of everyone in it, causing serious health issues and destroying wildlife.

As pioneers in zero emission & vehicle reduction initiatives, we’ve launched a brand new Clean Air website, where you’ll find how we’re cleaning up London’s air and what your business can do to improve your environmental impact.

The website also features an emissions calculator, created especially so that you can calculate your business’ yearly delivery emissions. 9 in 10 of our clients have no idea about the severity of their current environmental impact, but our emissions calculator tells you exactly how your supply chain impacts the environment and what you can do to improve.

Find out what Business Improvement Districts and Estate Management Companies we work with to help reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality in the area. If you are interested in joining London’s greenest new initiative, get started with Anglo today here: