Anglo Launches Chameleon Marketplace
20 March 2018
Russ Hodson

The first-to-market procurement solution

As part of Anglo’s proven track record in significantly reducing costs and improving office productivity for many of the UK’s leading companies, we’ve developed an online solution that allows our clients to enquire, order, manage, track and monitor all their product and services requirements on a single platform. Chameleon launched on the 20th March 2018.

Chameleon is the result of a 3-year process in which valuable client insight and industry data informed us of the budget wastage many clients were suffering from unknown and uncontrolled facilities and supply expenditure. 94% of clients were using multiple suppliers for supply products and services. And 87% of clients were unable to clarify the levels of expenditure (direct or indirect) to their business as a result of multiple supplier management.

The Chameleon platform is the perfect solution for business owners looking for complete clarity and control over all areas of their supply chain. It’s feature-laden and bespoke to each client, which was our inspiration for the name Chameleon; it can adapt to suit its environment. It’s also the first time that customers can truly access a single source of supply for all their needs, backed by a dedicated team of customer support specialists, and a proven, managed supply chain.

The platform enables reporting, reoccurring orders, billing management, location management, and tiered access control to deliver to all our clients needs. Chameleon also allows clients to include their own suppliers on the platform, regardless of whether Anglo has been selected to supply every category for a client or not. This is part of Chameleon ‘Integrity’, ensuring our clients experience all the benefits that Chameleon has to offer.

At Anglo, we’re passionate about making sure your business supplies and facilities management runs smoothly, which is why we’ve taken our dawn till dusk service online to simplify procurement, saving you time and money around the clock.

Find out more about Chameleon Marketplace, or contact our dedicated Chameleon team here