Anglo Clients Make A Difference
10 October 2019
Russ Hodson

Because there is no Planet B

We all claim to love our planet – but it takes a truly conscientious business to Make A Difference. That’s what the new Anglo Make A Difference campaign is all about: connecting companies that want to do their part, with opportunities to make a change. So, what’s this all about then?? And why should you care?

What is Make A Difference?

Make A Difference is a new social enterprise by Anglo that came from conversations with our customers and partners. As a business, we have a real focus on environmentally-conscious innovations, so naturally we attracted clients and suppliers who share our ethos for positive change. They told us just how important CSR and sustainability is to their businesses, and that they want to save money and reduce emissions, but also give back. How? Read on…

The campaign focuses on 3 different elements:

sustainability icon
Social responsibility icon

Social responsibility
corporate responsibility icon

Corporate responsibility


How can you take part? Read on…

If you’re a new customer, 3% of this spend will contribute to your Make A Difference fund. If you’re an existing customer, 3% of your growth in new categories will be contributed to your fund.

Anglo clients supporting this campaign can decide where this fund goes after 12 months:

  1. To their preferred Anglo charity
  2. A split between the Anglo charities
  3. Contribution to their own preferred charity
  4. A combination of the above


We’ve got to start making a change. We’d be M.A.D not to.

We all live on this planet and each of us shoulders some of the responsibility for looking after it and making it greener and safer. 95% of people worldwide live in places where air pollution exceeds safe limits. That includes two million Londoners, breathing in illegal levels of toxic pollutants every day. And at the current rate of energy consumption, we’ll need 2.3 planets by 2050.

If we want to turn the tide, every single one of us – personally and professionally – needs to work together and make conscientious choices. Collaboration is the only way we’ll combat the environmental issues we all hear so much about on the news! Make A Difference is Anglo’s way of enabling us and our supply chain to do just that.

Alright, you’ve got me, I’m in – so how do I join?

  1. Firstly, email us on to talk through what you need to do to join the cause. Our managed services team will take you through the options and help you identify where you can generate this fund.
  2. Secondly, spread the word. Share the Make A Difference campaign with friends, family, colleagues and your management so that together, we can save our children and their children’s future. 

It really is that simple! What’s stopping you from joining our cause?
I’m no Attenborough, but I truly believe that every small change that Anglo, our customers and our suppliers make will #MakeADifference.
I’m excited for you to be part of that journey.

We’re also looking for suppliers who want to help Make A Difference and get involved. Talk to our supplier team on to jump on board.